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One price admits visitors to both our venues --- The Depot and The Farmstead.   

The Farmstead, located at 206 Mt. Pleasant Street, depicts life in the country during the early 1900s.  Situated on the property in the early 20th centruy Hoffman farmhouse containing many of the original furnishings of the Charlie Hoffman family.  (The house was originally located about four miles from town.) Also located on the property are an old well, an outhouse, smokehouse, barn containing farming equipment, and pavilion.  There is also a small chicken house with one beautiful rooster and his harem.  The general store serves as the entarance to The Farmstead.  Many items are for sale in the store including a Northeast Texas Rural Heritage cookbook.

The Depot is located at 204 West Marshall.  Restoration of the old Cotton Belt depot began in 1990 and was completed in 1991.  Railroad memorabilia, telegrapher equipment, and a pictorial history of early Pittsburg are displayed in the depot.  Adjoining the depot is a large area housing items that tell the story of agriculture in Pittsburg and Camp County early in the 20th century, as well as a large display of Caddo Indian artifacts that were excavated from the surrounding area.  Visitors then proceed to the loading dock and into the annex.  This building houses a large steam engine, a wild-life exhibit, "famous people" exhibit and a restored 1925  American La France fire truck.  The late Mayor D.H. Abernathy's 1925 Model T Ford (which he converted to a speedster) is also on display.  The Nan Marans Memorial Gallery of Art showcases various workds from artists in the Northeast Texas area.

Located in a 40- foot by 80-foot building, a life-size replica of the Rev. Burrell Cannon's "Ezekiel Airship" is suspended from the ceiling.  Rev. Connon built his airship in 1902 with inspiration for the book of Ezekiel. This is a magnificent exhibit showing the complete history of the airship. 

Come visit us.  Be transported back in time and linger a while.

Thursday - Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
For more inforamtion call:
(903) 946 - 3243

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